Ahhhh. The long pause…

Ahhhhh. The long pause…

Hey Friends… it’s been a minute,  more like 6 weeks. So hey there!  


It started as taking a few days off and then became an unintentional break… that kept turning into another day. Day by day trying to breathe, figuring out our “new normal” if I even know what that means, when it changes almost daily.


I’ve mentioned this before, but our family was and is in the ultimate height of family busyness.


Kids overly involved in team activities (all good things) and I’m managing this manic schedule, driving all over town, all the while trying to be a wife, mother to 4, keeping the house together, keeping up with friends, the lists and demands go on.


My plate was full and we were about to enter the busiest time of year, Spring. This time of year everything comes to a new level…  2 of our kids birthdays, sport games/competitions/tournaments/ school stuff, being a liaison for 2 different groups. Etc.


I’m not saying all of this to get empathy or say look at how much I’m doing…  Not.at.all.


Our kiddos actually thrive on a schedule and they have the best community of nice friends they do activities with… and I have to remember, we signed up for all of this crazy. Haha.  


Do you resonate with this?


With that being said, my full plate became empty,  overnight.


What is going on?


Naturally as a feeler, I have all the feels…lol.


Confused, sad, mad (darn corona), loss of plans and celebrations, maybe hopeful & encouraged by what this time is really meant to be. Is this really happening? Ugh.


Ahhhh… The long Pause….

How to simplify our life and create a lifestyle that checks all of the boxes.

Originally, I thought this was a short break from the normal… and I didn’t want to waste any time. But I just couldn’t find my groove and didn’t have motivation to keep “doing.”  


It was like God said… Rest.


Use this time to be together, rest, eat family dinners and spend time with me.

Promotions seemed pointless to me at this time, the “sell you more” style doesn’t feel authentic,  when people are literally dying daily. It feels fake. Those that are dear and close to me know I constantly struggle with IG and my place on it. One day I want to quit…  and one day I’m ready to blow this sh** up!


Am I the only crazy one thinking this way?


Maybe or maybe not… but I need to remind myself that being a creative isn’t a bad thing. Design and sharing lifestyle tips and ideas isn’t selfish or useless, it can bring beauty and be even helpful for someone even in the most dark of times.


Being helpful was my main purpose for this space and if in the process I can be creative and share fun tools and ideas, great! We are all designed to create and worship…


Let us use our gifts in this time to be a blessing to our families, communities and be encouraged that this pause is meant for something greater.


It’s okay to literally do nothing in a day, and other days conquer the world. We need grace more than ever… especially for ourselves.  

We need grace more than ever… especially for ourselves.  

I would love to hear what your new normal looks like… and encourage you to look at the possible growth over the last 6 weeks.  You may be wondering what we have been up too? To be honest… not a whole lot, but spending time with our family and I’m trying to homeschool, ugh, don’t even get me started on this. Ha! No new house projects have been on the agenda, phew. I have spent time reflecting on what we can live without and what we want for our family after this pause. Casey (my husband) and I have talked through a lot of possible scenarios, a good excerice for us, even if nothing comes of it. I highly recommend!


How to simplify our life and create a lifestyle that checks all of the boxes. With a possible economic depression in the forefront what does this look like?  

We’ve thought about selling, yes selling the home that has become Myseattlefarmhouse

We’ve thought about selling, yes selling the home that has become Myseattlefarmhouse and renting for a while to capitalize on what may happen. 


We are even thinking about moving states… yes moving from our beloved city of Seattle to a place that is slower paced and priorities are more family and Jesus centered.


Seattle is a community full of really driven people, which is great, but not awesome. What is awesome is relationship. Slowing the time down, enjoying this thing we call life. That is what we long for. More than financial success, we want peace. Are you with me? 


We also long for a church community that is deeper….When our old church ended 4 years ago, it was a big deal for us. We were super involved and we have been restless ever since. We can’t find what we had and it is so hard… yes we have amazing Christian friends and maybe it just looks different and we need to realize this.


Moving doesn’t necessarily solve everything, but we’ve considered it.  


As we return to life over the next few months, we desire a quality of life. God is in control over this pandemeic, the economy, even our family’s life and future. We are listening.


Take care my friends and know that even though I’ve been quiet, I do miss this space and  I’m excited to be creative again and see the clarity of 2020. 😊

We follow our “Plans”

But God Calls us to His Purpose

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