From little boy to teenager… boys room refresh

From little boys to teenagers, it’s time for a bedroom fresh!


God Made Hugs, Smiles and Little Boys


Casey’s mom gave this little sign to him when he was a little boy… I think she actually stencilled it, maybe 35 years ago.


He has been carrying it around from house to house since he was little. This sign has made it to a lot of different walls from California to Seattle. 


When we found out we were having a son, then another son… we knew it had to be part of their decor too… Its not exactly beautiful aesthetically… faded yellow, smudges and scratches… but what it lacks in in aesthetics it makes up for in memories, love and nostalgia. 

Our boys are growing up so fast… They are seriously the sweetest kids. They are such a blessing in our lives!


Our oldest is now 13 and our second son is 12…. Their room was feeling offly young, with bunk beds and hammocks full of stuffies.


Big boys need a big boy room… we really wanted to make it warm, masculine and cozy… on a budget. 🙂 


I’ll share below how we approached this project, the supplies we used, where we purchased items… and hopefully save you a little time and headache as you may be thinking about a kids room refresh yourself. 

Our boys have had the same bunk bed set gifted by my in-laws since they were 3 and 4. They’re now 12 & 13. How has it been a decade? Cue the tears… the saying it all goes so fast is SO true.


Our boys are simple, they don’t care much about décor or stuff. But I wanted to give them a fresh modern update to their once pottery barn kids sports themed room.


Also, I wanted to showcase some of their accolades and sentimental items.

Before Pictures at Current House
Before Pictures at Our Old House

Pro Mom Tip for those with Nostalgic Kiddos


I keep a separate bin of our kid’s sentimental items from the day they were born onward & keep in our storage closet.


I know they would like to have these keepsakes, but not necessarily have them on display in their room.


When they’re older I will give them these bins.


This refresh was easy and didn’t break the bank.


Nothing major, just some cosmetic updates.


I kept the paint colors, existing window coverings and ceiling light the same.  


All I added was new bedroom furniture, bedding and accessories.


I wanted a look similar to that of PB Teen/RH style, but without breaking the bank.


Are you like me and always looking for a good deal?!?


Years back the word resourceful spoke to me and it has stuck.


It does help that my husband is SUPER resourceful and always handy at finding the best deal… so he’s definitely rubbed off on me. 😉

Starting with the Bedding

I did purchase new duvets and euro shams. You don’t have to buy the whole set to have a put together bed.


I just chose one main piece and one accent piece, then mixed/matched the rest.


I re-used the quilt on their sports theme room before, by turning it over on the plain backside. Yaasss! It totally works and saves me from purchasing new quilts.


Here is the link for the duvet.


Time for the Furniture Pieces


With furniture I chose separate pieces… Again, mix and match is what I like to do! Saves $ and gives an original look to the space.


Here is a link to the Bed


Here is the link to the Dresser– 


Accent Rug to Give Warmth and Texture


Add a rug… one day we plan to change out the carpet in our house.


The color is more brown than cool/gray tones. So until then why not add a rug to the space. Adding rugs are a fun and easy way to complete a space.


Here is a link to the Rug

Its All About the Details

The finishing details are my favorite part!


Adding pieces of the boys and bringing their passions and loves to life throughout the space. It tells a small story of who they are and what they care about.


I showcased some (not all) of their accomplishments on a floating shelf. Then showcased their love for travel, experience & people. Less is more in this department.


I would’ve loved to put all of their trophies, ribbons, pictures up. But when having 2 kids share a room that could be a little complicated and cluttered.


Again I used their closet to showcase extra stuff or put in a storage bin for the rest of the treasured items.

I think the hardest part of re-doing their room, was putting away the younger years.


A trip down memory lane when it was just the 4 of us.


When we had the boys it was a crazy time.  They are only 16 months a part and I was in literally physical survival and exhaustion mode, among creating lots of social experiences for them. PEPS, sport sampler camps, play dates, bible study groups, etc.


I so miss it all, but I don’t miss that for who they are becoming.


I enjoy the now “better”. Yes, those little years were special, but I enjoy knowing the person they are now and the independent, creative, talented young men they are becoming.


So cheers for a new chapter and the next journey of their years.


Thanks for reading along and hope you feel inspired to re-create a special room for your child!





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From little boys to teenagers, it’s time for a bedroom fresh!   God Made Hugs, Smiles and Little Boys   Casey’s mom

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